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Facebook login no longer available
Due to recent changes in Facebook policies, icomancer cannot continue using the Facebook Login method due to incompatibilities. view
Two new folder templates released!
A user asked us on the forum for a non-transparent version of the Vista and Windows Crystal Blue templates. We put our hands on them and now are available for download. view
New color packs released!
After a long time without publishing downloadable contents for our Premium users, we released seven color packs. view

New folder templates released!

A user on the icomancer forum asked for a couple of things, and one of them was the ability to set solid colors to the "Vista" and "Windows Crystal Blue" folder templates. Sadly, the original versions of those templates had transparency, and since they were built upon the original imagery, it wasn't possible to give them that feature.

So we started to work on the source files and successfully removed the transparency from the folder faces while keeping it on the background, and launched them as new folder templates.

The Vista Opaque Template:

Sample with this template (without transparency)
Same sample but with the original Vista template (with transparency)

The Windows Opaque Blue template:

Sample with this template (without transparency)

Same sample but with the original Windows Crystal Blue template (with transparency)

Both packages are free and can be downloaded using icomancer's Content Packages browser.