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bits du jour


Facebook login no longer available
Due to recent changes in Facebook policies, icomancer cannot continue using the Facebook Login method due to incompatibilities. view
Two new folder templates released!
A user asked us on the forum for a non-transparent version of the Vista and Windows Crystal Blue templates. We put our hands on them and now are available for download. view
New color packs released!
After a long time without publishing downloadable contents for our Premium users, we released seven color packs. view

Meet the shades of color packs

It's been a while since we released the last content packs for premium users. Years now. But we recently received a request from one of our users that wanted to do more with icomancer. We listened and we acted.

So we started with color packs. By using the rainbow as base, we ended up with seven shades of color packs:


Every pack contains 9 shades of the base color, from brighter to darker.

If you want to preview the packages, you can go to either the icomancer features page or the icomancer gallery browser.

If you are a standard user, you can open icomancer and get to the content packages downloader, hit the colors tab and browse through the pages to fetch these now.

More to come

We notified that within the first days of September 2017 we would start to build new add-on icon packs and new folder templates and texture packs, but we had to delay that until the end of the year, maybe even later. We're sorry for that, but we've been having a lot of work with BardCanvas, our FOSS Content Management System. As soon as we get some extra time we'll come back to icomancer and build new contents for free and standard users.