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Included templates

Here you can take a glimpse of the ticket conversation view on some of the included templates (the actual download package may include more).

Base template



Orange Network

Different home views

Depending on the user type, the views adjust to show only pertinent details.


Standard users

Support Agents


As much straightforward as possible

All emails regarding a ticket are shown as an email conversation. Attachments can be downloaded as a single ZIP file. The Media Browser, a unique feature, lets you find media from the entire library. Canned Responses can be set from a dedicated editor. User accounts can be edited by both agents and admins (with proper privilege adjustments).

The conversation view

The media browser, a unique feature

The accounts manager

The settings editor: everything in a single place

And the best of all: extensible!

The Remote Profiles module is included. You can use it as a starting point for integrating third party services with Triklet.

The conversation view, extended by the Remote Profiles module, shows the customer profile as it stands on an external admin frontend and links to maintenance pages on it.