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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Triklet?

Triklet is a PHP based Help Desk solution built upon the BardCanvas engine that allows help requests to be organized and tracked by either a single person or a team.

What is the "BardCanvas" engine?

It is a PHP multi-purpose engine and Content Management System made by LAVA SoftWorks. If you want to know more about it, click here. You can also find it on GitHub at

Does this mean that Triklet is Open Source?

No. It is built upon an Open Source platform, but Triklet modules are not Open Source. Please refer to the Triklet EULA for limitations.

How does Triklet work?

It monitors an email account over POP3/IMAP and assigns IDs to emails. Then extracts attachments and, if configured, assigns the tickets to the current shift or just notifies the staff of its arrival.

You can then send updates to your customers regarding their requests from the Triklet's interface.

Your customers will be able to see the status of their tickets in real time.

How does it compare with its competitors?

When compared against open source solutions, it is easier to use, less heavy and more polished. When compared against commercial solutions, it lacks of advanced features, but it can be extended to support almost any feature.

Being that said, Triklet has been made with one thing in mind: ease of use, but features weren't sacrificed to achieve it. And it has been decided to put it in a price point where reduced budgets wont suffer to get it.

How many languages does it support?

Triklet has language files for US English and Latin American Spanish. It can be easily translated to any language, though.

Note: to achieve full language support, all included BardCanvas modules should be translated too.
We can do it with no extra cost for you if you're willing to help with the translation.

Can I change its appearance?

Yes. You can switch templates at any time. You can even modify the templates by injecting your custom CSS code.

Can I modify it to suit my needs?

Yes! though there's one catch: you will loose support for updates if you modify the files of any of the Triklet modules.

If you want to modify it but still receive updates, then you can create your own modules to extend Triklet modules and modify its behavior.

How can I extend it?

If you have your own coding resources, we can assist you so you can do it by your own.

Or... you can contact us and ask us for help. We will gladly code the modules for you for a small fee.

Which requirements does it have?

Base requirements:

  • Apache 2.x with rewrite module enabled.
  • MySQL or Percona or MariaDB.
  • PHP 5.3 or better (PHP7 hasn't been tested) with the next modules: enabled: zip, ftp, mcrypt, mbstring, xml, curl, gd, imap and memcache.
    Also, php.ini must have short_open_tag = on

Optional, recommended:

  • FFMPEG installed on the system to allow processing of video files.
    If not available, a static version can be downloaded and executed from the user space.
  • MaxMind's GeoIP binary, databases and PHP module for localization.
  • Important: PHP must be set to handle large memory amounts and large POST/file upload sizes or you may end up having problems uploading large images, videos and documents.

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