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Triklet Features at a glance


Triklet is bundled in US English and Latin American Spanish.

Need another language? No problem. Just ask us and we'll gladly add it at no extra cost if you help us a bit with the translation.

Cluster ready

Triklet can run on a clustered environment without modification or extra fees. If a single server is not enough for you, just throw Triklet into any multi-server setup and you'll see how sweet it runs.

Free support and updates for life

You can rest assure that your Triklet installation will be kept updated and extended as time goes by. We constantly fix bugs and improve services for our customer base.

Triklet runs as a set of modules of the BardCanvas engine, an Open Source Content Management System that we keep constantly updated and in which everyone can collaborate.

We also include free tech support on your purchase and low fees for module development.

Customizable and extensible

Triklet comes with some mobile friendly, responsible templates where you can choose from and switch them at any time.

None suits your needs? No problem! You can make your own templates, ask us to build one for you or even inject your own CSS rules to override any template styles.

It also comes with an email notifications editor so you can modify the notifications sent to the users.

Need to pull customer info from some external system? Making a module to interact with Triklet is very easy. We can show you how to do it or even do it for you. We even have a module that you can use!

Customer portal included

By default, your customers can login into your Triklet website and keep track of their tickets. We did this to keep it as simple as possible.

Do you want to build up an article based self service system? You can enable the BardCanvas Blog modules and use it to build your knowledge base.

Keep spammers in control

You can set rules to stop spammers as soon as they hit your inbox!

You can also set rules to avoid the creation of tickets based on automated bounces or service messages from email server daemons.

Create agent groups with ease

Triklet uses BardCanvas' level system for user identification. On top of that, we built a simple groups system so you can set tickets to an agents group.

If you have a team of support agents with different shifts, you can easily set groups and then assign in-out times for each of them. Then, specify if you want the incoming tickets to be assigned automatically or just notify the current shift.

No agent limitations

Triklet license is designed to be a one-for-all solution, no matter the size of your budget!

With a single license you can have from one to dozens -even hundreds- of agents! Say goodbye to per-agent fees!

in the works Full reports

Triklet shows performance statistics for the current day and the week on the agent/admin homepage.

We're working on full usage and performance reports. Please be patient!

in the works Multi-channel capability

We're currently working on Twitter and Facebook integrations, so you can tie your social channels to your Triklet instance with ease!

Do you want to add something here?

We're always open to suggestions. Please contact us and we'll get back at you ASAP.