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Regarding my last post (Support requests)

by Grace @, Warsaw / Poland, Thursday, September 22, 2016, 12:26 (2451 days ago) @ acaballero

I fixed the imagemagick download URLS (mistyped downloads with an m) so you'll get them fine.

Remember that you have to install the OLE control (last option in the dialog).

PD: I haven't updated imagemagick to the latest version because there are issues with the OLE control, but 6.8 is and will continue to be OK.

Hi Cancer,

Thanks for the link and a reminder to install the OLE control.

Following your advice - I disabled UAC completely before both : ImageMagic and Icomancer installs.
Besides - this is a fresh Win 7 install, so I haven't got any third party AV/AM installed yet.

Fortunately everything went smoothly this time, so I can enjoy working with Icomancer in W7 again. :-D


I fully agree with your opinion about W10. :-P
I set up Win7/10 dual boot machine, but definitely still consider Win7 my main system.... despite even my latest W7 issues with Icomancer. while it's been working out of the box in W10.

Take care


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