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problem with installing Iconmancer after Win 7 reinstall (Support requests)

by Grace @, Sunday, September 18, 2016, 13:49 (2724 days ago) @ Grace

I've been using Iconmancer for years and love it.
Although it's buggy.

Here is my latest issue :
I bought a new SSD and clean installed Windows 7 / Windows 10 (both x64) in dual boot.
As usual one of the first programs I installed in both systems was Iconmancer (used icomancer-ImageMagick-Setup.exe).
Result : Iconmancer installed well in Win 10.
In Win 7 though Iconmancer repeatedly failed installing ImageMagic (tried several times, first wiping out previous install with Total Uninstall).

Tried also installing ImageMagic directly from its homepage, but the version available there is newer (v.7) than the one used by Iconmancer so eventually were getting the same error notification : "the ImageMagic is not installed".

It's worth to note that in my previous Windows 7 x64 installs there were no problems with installing Iconmancer.

1./ Any suggestions what might be the reason of my current problem ?

2./ Maybe you could provide a link to the ImageMagick 6.8.6-10 Q16 Win32 Dynamic installer.

Thank you in advance.

Just a moment ago I tried also using : icomancer-Full-Setup.exe installer.
The result stubbornly the same : "ImageMagic not installed" :-(

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