Upgrade your SMTPing license!

Did you try and liked SMTPing? Do you want to get the whole thing? You can do it here!

By purchasing a full license, you get a license key that will unlock the whole set of things that mark the difference between the free and the retail versions of SMTPing:

Feature Free Retail
Maximum groups that can be defined 10 unlimited
Monitor services by TCP port
Maximum nodes per group 5 unlimited
Network scanner Only when defining groups From the dashboard
Maximum Statistics Groups (line quality failure ranges) 4 (interrmitence, short/medium/long falls) 4 + Your own
Maximum Calculation Ranges (per-node comparison chart stuff) 6 (this/last hour, this/last day, this/last week) 6 + your own
Routing table editor
Show activity chart per node
Show group comparison chart
Show group statistics
Group report builder (charts, images, CSV)
Included themes 1 1
Theme downloads
Custom themes on request None Possible*
UI Schemes All All
Administrative roles by IP Only from console IP editor
Group stats parameters set Basic Extended, editable
Calculation ranges set Basic Extended, editable
Extensions for the WASP distro
(PhpDock distro can't handle them for the time being)
Item filterer, Sound Alerter included.
Mail Alerter downloadable
Item filterer, Sound Alerter included.
Mail alerter downloadable
SNMP + Item Anchoring downloadable
Free updates
Free tech support

* Your full license makes you elligible to get a custom theme built by us to suit your needs, as long as this theme becomes part of our Themes Gallery for everyone to download it.

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