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SMTPing: Network Monitoring made simple

SMTPing is a network monitoring tool designed to keep you informed about the status of all the nodes in your LAN/WAN, having them all at once on your screen. Most monitoring tools are used to monitor servers and/or gateways, but with SMTPing you can have PCs, Multi-Function centers and even mobile devices at the blink of an eye! You don't get more info of the true basics: if the node is up or down.

"The system is down"...

Let's say you're in charge of your company's network. Let's say your company have branch offices. Let's say you get that annoying "the system is down" phrase when the core business software fails but the network has no issues. In cases like these, SMTPing is right for you for two powerful reasons:

  1. You can tell if the line quality is good or bad in a fast chart.
  2. You can share your Dashboard with your bosses or the Branch Office Managers, so they can verify that the system isn't down because of a network shortage.

Get all you want to see at a glance!

SMTPing comes with a basic template that shows about 38 groups with up to 5 nodes each on a 1280x960 pixel screen. This template, on a 2560x1440 WQHD flat panel has proven to be enough to show up to 330 nodes in 90 groups at full screen with no zoom-out!

But that's not all! you can see the line quality for a certain group to see the intermittence/falls within the last 24 hours.

Want to see details for a single node? no big deal. As simple as clicking over a node, you'll see how many failures have been detected during the last significant periods, from actual hour to previous week!

Fully configurable!

SMTPing comes with a basic template, but more are added on a regular basis and made available for you to download.

But even with the basic template can have a lot of color combinations! that's because SMTPing themes are fully built onto the jQuery UI framework, and all existing jQuery UI themes have been included to give you a bunch of options!

You can also set a lot of things over the Configuration editor:

  • Chart dimensions to fit them to your monitoring display resolution
  • Statistics and Calculation Range parameters to build your on-screen reports
  • Change captions for the node types catalog
  • Set custom colors to your groups

And a lot more!

It's cheap, but you can have it for free!

If you want to monitor a small network and you can't afford purchasing a license, you can use SMTPing for free! You'll be somewhat limited and lose some of its functions, but you'll need no more!

On top of that... you can get a nice discount over the retail license! just keep in touch and visit our page often, for our partnership with Bits Du Jour gives you access to nice 24-hour discount promotions!

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