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It may be a problem with the previous version of ImageMagick... (Support requests)

by acaballero @, Thursday, March 30, 2017, 13:03 (2071 days ago) @ Robert

I didn't set any ImageMagick version checking at all.

I double checked the reference to the library in the IDE and it was properly updated after updating my local version. That's the IM COM object's prerrogative...


I tested on the dev environment without issues, and in my test VMs didn't find any trouble.

There's another thing to have in mind: a prefetch solution for XP. I have a PC with XP at home for running old hardware and I use eBoostr on it. eBoostr is like ReadyBoost on Vista and Seven, and it caches most frequently used files on a USB memory stick for fast access. I noticed that after updating something, this software updates the cache and serves the newest files from the disk instead of the older files from the buffer until the buffer is rebuilt. So if you have something like this and is not as clever as eBoostr, then there you could have the version mismatch of IM DLLs.

Your case is really really weird. I have no idea of what is the specific thing that is making IM fail with icomancer for you, but I'm kinda sure that it is something in that specific PC you're using. Still, I'm compelled to find a solution.

Now... it seems that IM has a portable version. I'm thinking on migrating icomancer and stop using the COM object and make the calls over the command line on the portable version. That, if it works, will help icomancer get rid of the COM object dependency. But I wont be able to try that until after the 15th of the next month.

Now, changing one folder at a time: use the imbuer.

You use the crafter to make an icon you haven't already made, and then assign it to a folder. Once you have an icon already made, you can use the imuber to set the icon to several folders at once:


And you can add folders from different locations, not only subfolders.

I didn't add a feature like that (propagation to subfolders) because nobody asked for it before. Let me get out of my current tasks and I'll add it to the crafter before the end of April, luckily, with the change to IM portable.

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