image User Manual and

The Online Collection Browser

This window contains an embedded web browser for navigating the Online Library. You can get to it from the Launcher:


By hitting the “Download content packages” button, you’ll open an internal browser window pointing to the Content Packages Gallery:


As you can see, by hitting the corresponding tab, you’ll be able to download new folder templates, color palettes, texture packs and add-on icon packs created or adapted by our Design Team.

By clicking on an item in the displayed collection, you’ll see the full information about it and the “Download” button will be enabled. You’ll be notified if you click on a previously downloaded and currently installed item so you don’t need to re-download it.

The items listed in the collection depend on your account type. If you have a free account, you’ll not be able to see items released for Standard or Corporate users, but if you have a Standard or Corporate account, you’ll see all released items.

If you want to download images or icons, please check the Crafter and the Imbuer respectively.

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