LavaSoftWorks has been handed over to Kimitsu Group
Kimitsu Group CEO Payu Harris announced today they have concluded a deal to assume immediate control and management of this was after whitepuma staff posted they would be closing the tipping app service as well as exchange after technical issues crippled the site late march 28th. This marks one more asset for Kimitsu Group and potentially the Oglala Sioux tribe with the potential to build both whitepuma and potentially coldcryptos back to profitability.

“Effective April 1st 2015 Kimitsu Asset management will be assuming full control and management over I would like to urge everyone to remain patient with us during this time of transition while we return everything back to where it was and build it well into the future. I remain fully confident in Mr Cabellero's skill and integrity and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.”

Payu Harris declined to go into detail regarding what Kimitsu Groups plans were for the immediate future for the Multicoin tipping app other then a mischievous smile and to say...” wait and see....big things are coming”


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