Imagine a squad of cute mascots designed around your brand.

Now imagine those mascots as virtual trading cards.

Now imagine a game app customized for your website, so your users join and get those cards for free.

Now imagine your users playing with those cards on a virtual board.

Now imagine users from other websites playing on an external game app against your users and getting your cards as prize.
Then, they go to play elsewhere, spreading your cards to other websites in the ecosystem.

That's viral crossbranding.
And it is possible.

Digital Trading Cards Gaming Engine
Blockchain Financial: the all-in-one place for your Cryptocurrency needs
Blockchain Financial
Blockchain Financial is a framework of cryptocurrency centric services built on top of BardCanvas that supports multiple coins, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin. Manage your wallets, send/receive coins using an URL or embed a widget on a website, buy/sell new or used goods on a crypto-only marketplace and more!
Visit Blockchain Financial now
GrowBot: the crypto trading app you didn't know you needed
GrowBot is a development effort by Growers International that relies on Blockchain Financial services and with collaboration from our BardCanvas core dev team.
It is made primarily for the Cannabis-related cryptocurrency ecosystems but with native support for any cryptocurrency.
Visit GrowBot now
Tired of that bloated CMS that takes your server down on high traffic?
BardCanvas: Open Source PHP engine and CMS
BardCanvas is the fourth generation of our "CommoNGrounD" engine. We use it for all our projects, and it is too good to keep it for ourselves. That's why we made it Open Source!
You can download it and use it for free!
Go to the BardCanvas website now!
We're proud to present our solution for self hosted Help Desk systems: Triklet!
Help Desk System
Triklet is a PHP Help Desk Software Solution that you download and install on a private server. It is easy to use, has a clean and responsive design, and you can customize it, extend it, even put it in a cluster!
Go to the Triklet website now!
Do you need to monitor your LAN? SMTPing is the free solution for you:
Simple Multi-Target Ping utility
SMTPing is a "Simple" Multi-Target Ping utility for network monitoring. Designed to have all your network nodes at the glimpse of an eye, with per-node charts, node group statistics and even monthly reports!
Go to the SMTPing website now!
Tired of a sea of yellow folders? Bring color to your explorer windows with icomancer!
icomancer, the folder icons composer
icomancer, the folder icons composer is a .net framework 4 windows forms application that lets you create amazing icons for your disk folders. Select vibrant colors, dazzling textures and even embed your own pictures! Share your creations and download images and icons created by other icomancer users! All this for free!
Go to the icomancer website now!

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