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icomancer relies on several libraries and frameworks. Some of them are included in every installation package, but there are two things that have been considered apart. One is the Microsoft .net Framework 4 and the other is the ImageMagick Suite.

Microsoft .net Framework 4

Being a .net Windows Forms application, icomancer can’t run without Microsoft .net Framework 4 Client Profile being present in the host computer. But this framework can either be installed from the icomancer’s “Full Bundle” installation package or downloaded and installed from the Microsoft’s website:


ImageMagick is a free software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. icomancer fully relies on it for its composition functions.

ImageMagick is included in the “Full Bundle” and the “ImageMagick Bundle” installation package types, but you can download it manually from

imageImportant: If you already have ImageMagick installed on your system, please take care, for icomancer's redistributable is going to override the installed distribution. ImageMagick binaries come in various flavors, and the 64 bit package contains an incompatible COM+ object. That's why icomancer comes with 32 bit ImageMagick setup. In such case, please create a system recovery point before installing icomancer, so you can roll back without affecting your ImageMagick installation.
If you decide to download and install ImageMagick by yourself, please download and install the Q16 Win32 Dynamic DLL version. icomancer will work with any version after 6.8.0-8.

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