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HoFix for GOTD users and Maintenance Release for free and retail users available for download (News & notices)

by acaballero @, Monday, April 01, 2013, 00:43 (2442 days ago)
edited by acaballero, Monday, April 01, 2013, 00:59

We've published a maintenance release for free and retail SMTPing users that fixes a couple of issues:

  • Fixed route editor problem with XP that thrown an "INVALID_OS_LANGUAGE" error.
    Note: weird behavoir detected on WinXP/Server 2003. A note about it was added.

  • Configuration/Dashboard: Fixed a bug that prevented displaying theme information.

Giveaway of the Day users can download a special HotFix that includes the updates listed above plus:

  • Fixed version number (it was incorrectly set to when published). Just for the record: free/retail release and GOTD release (the one we're publishing now) are essentially the same, but GOTD will no longer receive updates.

  • Removed license check with LSW server - Not neccesary.

Before downloading:

We gave a few users information on how to deal with some issues by manually touching the SMTPing.ini file of the WASP distro (both free/retail and GOTD users). Please note that if you apply this update, your changes will be lost, so, before updating, please backup your file and after updating, apply the manual changes back again.

Now, the download links:

Giveaway of the Day, GOTD, fix, route editor

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