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New flavor released: PhpDock for stand-alone usage (News & notices)

by acaballero @, Sunday, March 10, 2013, 12:08 (2464 days ago)

We've previously released SMTPing 1.2 without posting it to our news feed, specially because we've been asked by a couple of users to have a less demanding trial version. And since we always listen to our users, we took the time to work on it.

So we published the PhpDock distro of SMTPing!

This distro comes with a licensed version of NuSphere PhpDock. It suits users that don't need to share the Dashboard over the LAN. It installs no services, has a smaller memory footprint and works seamlessly on Windows.

If you don't need the complexity of the WASP distro, then PhpDock is for you!

Things that were fixed/enhanced on both distros:

Download SMTPing now!

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