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Mail Alerter extension (Tips & tricks)

by acaballero @, Friday, November 13, 2015, 16:34 (1528 days ago)
edited by acaballero, Friday, November 13, 2015, 17:30

The Mail Alerter extension is a simple plugin that sends emails when nodes get a "warning" or "critical" state.




After installing the extension, you'll notice two icons on the sidebar:

When hitting the configuration icon, the dialog will pop up and allow you to enter all details needed to work.

Basic settings


First you need to specify if you're going to use a local server (thus, you have an SMTP daemon with unrestricted access from localhost) or an SMTP Gateway.

The de facto setting you should use is the second: an external server. You'll have to provide the hostname, TCP port, user name, password and encryption type.

If you're going to use TLS or SSL, you must make sure that:

Also you need to specify the sender email in the "Send mail as" field.

Additional settings


You can send a test email using the "Testing account" field to see if emails are being relayed. Just specify an email address and hit the "Send test e-mail" button.

The "Root" account is the email address that will receive notifications. If you want specific groups to send emails to a different email address, you could do it afterwards.

The Mail Delivery Triggers define the behavior of the extension listener.

A recommended setting for triggering alerts could be: 3 failures and notify every 10 minutes.

Per Group alerts


When you edit a group, you'll be able to specify an email recipient other than the "root" one specified on the extension configuration. You can set a different recipient for every group on the dashboard, and those groups with no recipient defined will be notified to the "root" account.

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