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It seems the file is being blocked. Here's a solution... (Support requests)

by acaballero @, Tuesday, March 26, 2013, 08:09 (2448 days ago) @ Frank Mohnhaupt

I've tested the setup package under some scenarios with high security settings and in a couple of cases, the bootstrap file was blocked.

Now, that script is a simple service checker. If the services aren't running, then it throws a message, but if everything is ok, then it launches Chromium.

So, if the tray menu properly started the services, you can skip the launch of the bootstrap file by:

1. Opening the D:\Program Files (x86)\SMTPing\SMTPing.ini with a text editor.
2. Comment line 105 by prepending a semicolon.
3. Uncomment line 106 by removing the semicolon at the beginning.
4. Save the file, close the tray app and start it again.

That's all you have to do :) just won't have the startup service checker.

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