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Critical update (1.2.3 Rev.20) released! (News & notices)

by acaballero @, Sunday, March 17, 2013, 20:21 (2291 days ago)

A few mins after releasing the previous update (, we received an email from a user of the WASP distro that told us he discovered a bug in the setup/updates package since the first public release: PyCron's "crontab.txt" file wasn't being updated after running the setup or update file!

This problem caused SMTPing's PyCron to not update the nodes on every heartbeat. You may have not been victim of this bug because it seems to be related to some update on Windows 7 we weren't able to identify.

Anyway, we've rebuilt the setup packages and put that fix on them and released them a few minutes ago.

Please download and apply this update!

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