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Some other things to check (Support requests)

by acaballero @, Friday, October 14, 2016, 02:03 (2804 days ago) @ Maureen Potts

1. Does this happen on folders anywhere on your disk, or you just tried on the desktop?

2. You're using Win10, right? I tested icomancer there with no issues, but I had UAC removed with a registry hack because since Win8, a portion of UAC remains resident even if you "disable" it from the control panel.

3. I also use MS Security Essentials and it doesn't seem to mess up with icomancer.

4. The last version I released was tested on both XP and Win10 (with UAC enabled at minimum level, running icomancer as admin), that's why I confirm that the problem with the missing image is fixed.

5. One last thing: you're still getting both errors or only the one regarding the icon being deleted before being applied?

Oh, and by the way: running icomancer as admin = right click and "run as administrator". Are you doing it this way? Or modifying the shortcut and setting it to run always as administrator...

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