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HotFix [Rev.106] for icomancer 1.3.5 is available (Notices)

by acaballero @, Tuesday, July 05, 2016, 15:50 (1293 days ago)
edited by acaballero, Tuesday, July 05, 2016, 16:09

Some time ago, Richard White told us about a problem on icomancer that trigered an exception when a category was deleted on the Content Manager. We previously fixed it, but Hanni Pott told us that it recently showed on Windows 10.

We've digged in it and added a fix. Please download and install the next file:

Warning: only for icomancer Release 1.3.5! if you don't have this version, please update before applying this HotFix.

Note: This version also contains the next previously unreleased fixes:

Another note: we also updated the self-signed certificate for icomancer.
Well... this isn't something to be proud of, since the cert isn't one of those expensive Authenticode certs. Sorry but we'll keep having issues with UAC for the time being :-(

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