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icomancer relies on ImageMagick for image composition! (Misc issues)

by acaballero @, Saturday, July 14, 2012, 11:44 (2536 days ago) @ Joe Rahall

Your download page is very confusing.
Do I need to install ImageMagick to make your software work ?

Is it safe ?
How do I know

ImageMagick is an open source toolkit, it is pretty old and it started as a library for linux-based systems... you can take a look on its page:

It is absolutely safe to install it, and icomancer relies on it for image composition. I've decided to use it because it lets you do incredible things to images.

Now, if you don't use it or don't know if any application you may have in your computer actually includes it or relies on it, then pick the "ImageMagick" bundle for download and installation.

Having four choices for download may seem to be confusing, but actually, it is rather simple:

1. .net + imagemagick + icomancer -> if you don't know if you have the requirements.
2. imagemagick + icomancer -> if you have .net already installed
3. icomancer stand-alone -> if you have .net and imagemagick installed
4. update -> as it goes :)

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