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The problem falls over Windows Explorer... (Support requests)

by acaballero @, Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 14:36 (3848 days ago) @ Roger Cale

There are a lot of reasons why icon cache isn't being refreshed instantly, and all of them go over Windows.

icomancer creates a temporary file in the folder being touched, then waits for a second and deletes that file. Most of the time, this method works. But in some cases, the internal Windows listeners take longer to detect changed folders.

Obviously, reinstalling icomancer will not fix the problem. You must take other actions, including:

We've been looking for a way to force Windows to refresh the icon cache of specific folders, but we haven't found it yet.

Another thing you can do is:

1. Set the icon to the folder with icomancer.
2. Go to the folder and create an empty folder there.
3. Press F5.
4. Delete that empty folder.
5. Go to the parent folder.
6. Create an empty folder there.
7. Press F5.
8. Delete that empty folder.

Now... you don't need to reboot the computer to force Windows listeners to refresh the folder icons. By logging off and then back on may do it. With this action all internal handlers will be closed and the listeners will be restarted at logon. But this not always work.

I hope all this helps you out.

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