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If you right click on an image and can't see icomancer's context menu commands, here's why (Misc issues)

by acaballero @, Thursday, July 05, 2012, 01:41 (4299 days ago)

The problem

When you right click on an image, you're suposed to see icomancer's Shell Context menu commands:


These commands are added by the setup package and removed when the application is uninstalled.

Now, there may be users that previously instructed windows to open certain image types with a specific program by taking the steps shown below:

1. Right clicking on an image and selecting "Open With -> Choose default program..."


2. Choosing a program from the list and setting it to always open that image type


When confirming the action, by right clicking the same image will not show icomancer's commands:


Please note that this override affects every application that registers Context Menu Commands for any file you've manually specified to be opened with other than the default application.

The solution

Right now, we haven't discovered a way to revert this setting with icomancer without messing up with the registry.

Now, since it is a user defined override, the right way to deal with it is by telling the user how to roll this definition back to its default.

So, when you get struck by this problem, the only solution at hand -by now- is to revert the override by setting the "Windows Photo Viewer" as the default application for the file type:


After accepting the change, you'll be able to see the icomancer's commands among other commands added by other applications.

We hope this post to be useful for you.

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