image User Manual and

Actions for image files


When you right-click over a JPG/JPEG, BMP or PNG file, you get two actions in the Shell Context Menu:

·         “Craft and imbue to folder with icomancer” will bring you the Crafter, so you can select color, texture and style, then save/publish and apply the crafted icon to the folder.

·         “Embody to skeleton and imbue to folder” will autocraft the image using the Skeleton and then apply it to the folder. This action doesn’t bring a dialog up and quits pretty fast, so, when you go back to the parent folder, you’ll see the icon.

Icon imbued to the folder containing the selected image from the previous screenshot

imageSince PNG files can be used as a good source for crafting icons and many users have tons of PNG icons downloaded from the net, they can also be copied to the Source Images collection in the same way icons can be copied (see below).
Thus, by right-clicking over a PNG file, you’ll see, in addition to the actions for image files, the “Copy to my icomancer collection” command.

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