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Synchronizing your images and icons to/from the server

Content synchronization works at category level over local images/icons and remote images/icons:

imageFrom local content, “Sync to server” copies the locally existing/remotely missing items to the server, renames the remote items as they are named locally and moves the remote items to the same categories as they are in your computer.

imageFrom remote content, “Sync to this PC” copies the remotely existing/locally missing items to your computer, renames the local items as they are named remotely and moves the local items to the same categories as they are in the server.

imageThere is another mode: “Merge Sync”. Depending on where you click this button is the sync to be done:

·        If you hit “Merge Sync” from the local content tabs, the items are first synced up to the server, then synced down to your PC.

·        If you hit “Merge Sync” from the remote content tables, the items are first synced down to your PC, and then synced up to the server.

Practical Sync Case: when your PC crashed

Let’s say your PC crashed and you needed to format it, or you just got a new PC and want to have the same content you have in your primary PC with few clicks. It’s as simple as syncing your remote content once you install icomancer on the restored/new PC, once you’ve connected your account.

New PC: there are no local images.

Your contents on icomancer’s server. Note that all items’ labels are colored in red.

Once you hit the “Sync to this PC” button, you get a confirmation dialog.

Once the items are downloaded and going back to the Local Images tab, you just reload the view…

And then you find your items in your Local Images collection.

Synchronization considerations
Deleted items can be restored.

·         If you deleted items remotely and they exist locally, they are restored as “private” on the server.

·         If you deleted items locally and they exist remotely, they are downloaded to your PC.

·         Items cannot be restored if they are deleted on both places.

All “Sync to server” operations mark new items as public.

By default, when you sync your local items up to the server and they are new, they are marked as public. If you want to make them private, you have to go to the “Remote” items tab and toggle the items’ “Sharing” flag.

Only the items associated with your current account are synced up.

When you download items from other autors or crafted with another account you own, you can’t sync them up to the server, for they already exist in the author’s user account. At this moment, there is no way to attach items made by other users to downloaders’ accounts.

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