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Categorizing, saving, sharing

imageAs you can see, the crafter contains some controls for categorizing your images and icons before saving them.

No matter if you contribute with our Online Community, you should use these controls to keep your crafted icons collection organized. That’s to help yourself in the future.

Save as: specify here a name for the image/icon to be saved. Please try to be breaf and concise here, and try to use mainly dictionary words with no special or accented characters.

Category: you can categorize your items by clicking on the button at the right of this label. A window will pop with a tree, asking you to select a category. You can add categories as needed here.

Item tags: here you can specify a comma-separated list of tags to quickly identify your item when you or other user searches for specific content in the online collections. Please expand yourself as needed, adding every keyword you think necessary for the image/icon to be found.

Options: the buttons here function like checkboxes. When you click them, you toggle them on or off. For instance:

·         The “Upload” button will tell icomancer if you want to upload the crafting image and the final icon when you save and/or apply it.

·         The “Public” button will tell icomancer that the crafting image and final icon can be available for all icomancer users. For instance, if you uncheck this option, the items are going to be private, so only you can see them.

·         The “Set as skeleton” button will save your selections of template, color, style and add-on icon as defaults for autocrafting images from the “Embody” Shell Context Menu actions.

Target Folder: here you can select the folder you want to set the icon to. It could be automatically set depending on how did you invoke the Crafter, but you can always hit on the small folder button at the right to set another folder to be imbued.

When you’re ready, hit the “Save this” button to save the current icon and continue working, “Save all” to save the icon in the three styles (Normal, Internal Portrait and Cover Portrait, based on your previous selections for each style) and continue working, or “Apply & close” to save it, apply it and close the Crafter.

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