image User Manual and

icomancer User Manual and Documentation

By Alejandro Caballero

Version 1.5, December 22, 2012

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·         V1.5, December 22, 2012 ~ Current

o   Updated “Features” and “Interface” to reflect Sync operations in the Content Manager.

·         V1.4, December 12, 2012

o   Updated info about ImageMagick version.

o   Updated several screenshots to match current version.

o   Added info about the Content Manager in the Features section.

o   Added the Content Manager to the Interface section.

o   Fixed some errors and typos.

o   Extended “Copy mode” in “Operating modes” section.

·         v1.3, July 24, 2012

o   Added “Start Menu Entries” and “Reinstalling icomancer” info on Installation section.

o   Updated info on Features section.

o   Updated screen shots and functions in Crafter’s interface reference.

o   Adjusted the levels of “Categorizing” and “Copy/save” Crafter’s subsections.

o   Updated screen shots in other sections.

·         v1.2, July 15, 2012

o   Updated “Common Issues” section.

o   Updated some screen shots to match the latest icomancer version.

o   Moved some subsections down to simplify the topic tree.

o   Added missing information for the Crafter interface.

o   Added information on Crafter’s new “copy/save as” function.

o   Added missing information for the Launcher interface.

·         v1.1, July 9, 2012

o   [Shell Context Menu] Added icon removal.

o   [Features] Added information about icon portability.

o   Updated Launcher Screenshots to match app version 1.1.

·         v1.0, July 8, 2012 ~ First release.


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