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Manage and synchronize your content

As of version 1.2, icomancer now has a content manager designed to tune up your image and icon libraries. If you have an account on our server, you’ll be able to see what you’ve uploaded and shared with other users. And as of version 1.3, you can synchronize your icons and images with your account on our server!

With the new content manager, you can rename, move or delete local images or icons.
You can also see the sync status with the version on icomancer’s server!
You can even sync your local items with the online versions!

Now you can finally see which icons you’ve assigned to which folders from the beginning!
You can also update broken paths and remove several icons from a single place!

Now you can do with your remote items as with local ones: rename, move, delete,
and even mark them as shared for public access or private for yourself!
You can even filter items by PC, in case you’ve uploaded from more than one!
And on top of that, you can Sync your local items with the online versions!

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