image User Manual and

Start Menu Entries

imageThere are six icons added to icomancer’s Start Menu folder:

The End User License Agreement, in text version so you can check it out anytime.

A shortcut for “Reset mode”: This is a special invocation mode for the Launcher, useful for those times when you loose any icomancer window in a resolution or display change. By selecting it, the icomancer’s windows positions, sizes and states (minimized, maximized or normal) will be reset from the local configuration file and all of them will behave as if icomancer was just installed.

icomancer on the Web is a shortcut pointing to icomancer’s website.

icomancer” is, well, the Launcher itself (^_^)

The Manual and Documentation shortcut points to the local version of this manual, distributed in every icomancer installation.

And finally, you’ll find a shortcut for icomancer’s uninstaller.

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